Many people who have lost someone close to them say that they have visions of them or moments of their presence after their death.

If this has happened to you, it is a good thing and accept the feeling that you experience.

Some suggest that it is part of the grieving process and your mind will recall memories that will make you feel that the person that you have lost is still in some way with you.  If your faith believes in life after death, you can express these recollections as the ‘spirit’ returning to you.

Continue reading some examples of recollections from loss survivors:

“When I was purchasing the fabric to make my wedding dress, I briefly saw a reflection of my mother in the shopfront window; the vision was clear and she smiled at me.  I felt overwhelmed with warm love and affection; I felt that she was with me on that special day.”


“After visiting a close friend in hospital, I had a vivid dream that night of our group of friends sitting in a circle and our friend who was ill spoke to each of us.  He told us why we were so important to him and how we needed to keep the friendships going after he died.  His directions were clear and left a required commitment of each of us.  The next day, our friend passed away.”


“I was walking home from the bus stop and took a shortcut through a dog park.  Not thinking much of anything at the time, a gorgeous black Great Dane with a small white patch came and nuzzled my leg and I habitually lent my hand down to pat her head.  She looked up, leaned her head closer and stayed with me for a few silent moments.  Then she suddenly bolted off into the distance and I never saw her again.  I truly believe this dog was the spirit of our family’s beloved pet and she had returned to let me know that ‘dog heaven’ was OK!”


“I started noticing in my social conversations that I mentioned several times what my mum used to say; I didn’t pick up on this as a recollection for some time until my sister too, admitted that she was recalling many things mum had said to us as young ladies.  We felt warm with the knowledge that both of us were experiencing the same recollections and we smiled as we remembered the good advice that was given and probably not adhered to at the time but now when it is recalled, makes absolute sense!”


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