Loss is different for everyone and support for loss comes in a variety of ways. This site has been designed with that thought in mind and uniquely provides a collection of anonymous loss survival stories to help you relate with your own loss experience.  The focus of these shared stories is on life after a loss event and does not enter into the actual details of the loss event. The information provided on this site, in no form, constitutes and/or substitutes professional medical advice.  It is strongly recommended that you see your doctor for this type of professional advice in the first instance.

LADRA means Loss, Anger, Depression, Realisation, Awareness; these words represent the different stages of life after experiencing a loss event. The purpose of LADRA is to share loss survival stories and reflections and promote a mission that no-one needs to ever walk their loss journey alone.  LADRA supports the importance for loss survivors to seek professional medical advice as soon as possible after experiencing a loss event. If you find this site to benefit you, please recommend it to others who may benefit as well.  Please tell your friends and family about this site as they may also find it useful for themselves or someone else that they know.  By sharing stories of loss experience and common support strategies, we can all support each other and widen the awareness of a loss survivor.

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